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I had a thought today while I was driving to the gas station, back home to get my forgotten bank card, then back to the gas station before finally getting to my client’s home… What if Sherlock wasn’t the one sending the “wrong!” texts in A Study In Pink?
What if… Sherlock only sent ONE text. ONE text to DI Lestrade telling him “You know where to find me -SH”
WHAT IF? It was Moriarty who sent the “wrong!” texts?
Think about it: Moriarty already knew about Sherlock and was a fan of his and Moriarty likes to watch Sherlock work (so why wouldn’t he send a mass text to various media outlets saying “wrong” when DI Lestrade says that they have their best people on the case?)
What if The Great Game isn’t the first time we see Moriarty get Sherlock involved in the crimes he consults?